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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News Analysis] Dema sports brand in the United States can be called happy event again and again recently, not only sales soared and in one fell swoop than Adidas, and its athletes and ball The team also impressive record. For a time, Dema exposure reached an unprecedented height. In contrast, the Nike brand as a leader in the sports world, has been trying to catch up with the target peer. So, a rising star, is a benchmark for the industry, both direct confrontation will focus on what level? The answer of course is the sports sponsorship. In April, 21-year-old Jordan? Spies With stunning play, winning the US Masters golf tournament. This achievement not only to his own worth rose, but the brand sponsors Dema excited. Thus, it was brought to the policy of Dema repeatedly praised, but some investment analysts also jumped on Dema has a very high expectation. Indeed, it was looking forward to the rise of rookie Spies, the ability to help catch up cheap jordans online on sports sponsorship Dema, began to challenge industry giant Nike's position. So this vision can be achieved in the short term it? Before answering, or the first taste of what Nike, Under Armour status quo in sports sponsorship and the right strategy. Nike monopoly big players Although Dema in signing players has made remarkable achievements, but still pales compared with Nike. It is reported that there are 49 Nike's athletes, this figure is almost twice the Dema athlete endorsements. Moreover, the "International Business Times" has reported that, in 2014, eight months ago, the world's top 10 athletes in endorsement contracts, there are six from Nike. Nike-sponsored athletes has never been no shortage of world-class athletes, such as C Ronaldo, Tiger? Tiger Woods, Michael? Jordan and so on. In a sense, Dema temporarily unable to compete with Nike in terms of signing big-name players. As in last year, Nike and NBA star Kevin Dema around? Durant expand confrontation. Eventually, Nike triumphan Cheap air jordan 12 ovo t return to the high price of $ 300 million 10-year contract signed with Durant. Interestingly, in competition with Nike, the offer Dema given final contract with Nike price difference is not large, probably between $ 200 million and US $ 200 million 65 million 85 million, but the final result is still Nike win. Dema prefer a rising star Under Armour athletes when seeking contract can be said to open up new trails listed, they often tendency of some rising star, but some athletes even just unknown potential shares. The most obvious example, should be regarded as today's popular world of American golfer Jordan? Spies up. However, Dema and Spies had signed when he was only 19 years old, and there is not much fame. However, with Spies in excellent golf tournament play, its body hidden potential to make Dema convinced. Thus, this year's January Dema and Spies completed a contract, and the validity of the new contract was as long as 10 years. Coincidentally, in April this year to win the US Masters a Retro jordans for sale fter the game, Spies more famous. This time, Dema regarded investment in Spies who received a good return. For this reason, some analysts pointed out that within the next three years Dema golf clothing sales can be doubled, reaching $ 400 million. Under Armour sponsored a total of about 25 athletes, most of them are like Spies this once little-known potential shares. Among them, including American Ballet star Mister? Copland, Alpine skier Lindsey? Vaughan et al., They've not much fame. Thus, signing some of the rising star is Dema strategy, so after these sports transport play tricks, Dema can benefit from it. NBA, NFL and other famous events America's top five leagues including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS, the league in the world renowned. Nike in five major league, has sponsored the team, it can be said to occupy a dominant position. like the NBA and the NFL this level of competition, in addition to have a very big influence on accidents in the United States in the world, there are many YongC cheap foamposites u. Therefore, sports brand in these events can imagine the fierce competition. The current reality is that the Nike brand with its strong influence in these race still occupy the leading position. For example, NFL and Nike signed NFL team game jerseys of the contract, and Dema won the shoes and gloves contract. But Dema'd have the right to sell a certain amount of NFL jerseys. To the NBA, Nike also beat Dema directly in the bidding. Interestingly, although as mentioned previously as Nike got sponsorship NBA, but still have the right to sell a certain amount of Dema with NBA logo jerseys in certain circumstances. Nike advantage in baseball sponsorship is also very obvious, the other hand Dema trends, they attempted in the hockey market share. Now NHL contract with Reebok will expire next year, but the World Cup hockey is about to begin, before Dema goal is to lock some of the shirts contract, so the hockey World Cup in such a major event Dema it will increase the chance of exposure. However, it is cl Retro jordans for sale ear that to face Nike, Reebok and other brand competition. In football sponsorship, Dema should say good opportunity. Although Nike is the main sponsor of the United States Major League Soccer, and Nike in the world have a very good football team and athlete sponsorship, but the widespread popularity of football in the world range, or to stay Dema other brands at the opportunity. For example, in Brazil known as football kingdom, the country of football has incredible enthusiasm. Therefore, Dema and very popular in Brazil Sao Paulo club signing pen should be a good investment. Since last year, Dema's international sales more than doubled, believe that this achievement will be encouraged to seek more international sponsorship Dema. race Campus Sports professional sports and elite athletes has been the focus of intense competition sports brand, but because of fierce competition, brand they obviously do not want to miss any opportunity to help promote the brand, which of course also includes sponsor Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ship of campus sports. The United States, a total of 65 school sports events, in addition to an unexpected event, you can see the Nike, Adidas, Dema these big figure. Dema sport began in the campus force, began on the University of Maryland football team funding. But in recent years, Dema sports campus in the city can be regarded as very productive. Especially in full swing when the US college basketball league (NCAA) conducted Dema sponsored several teams doing well, so Dema campus sponsorship success. Still, Nike is still the American Gangster campus sports sponsorship. In all sponsorship contracts, Nike holds a 69% share, has an overwhelming advantage. And Dema only 12% or even lost Adidas (18%), only placing him third. Dema in the end be able to challenge Nike? As mentioned above, Dema take circuitous tactics, in the sponsorship of sports events and athletes, preferably a number of potential shares, until they worth rose the occasion, will be able to double the return. Benefits of doing so cheap jordans for sale is to avoid increasing the burden of the high cost in terms of sponsorship. But after all, at all levels of the Nike sports sponsorship and endorsement terms, both in the industry occupies a dominant position. Therefore, it is clearly not the best time to discuss whether Dema with Nike in sports sponsorship to compete in the short term. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sneakers network.) & Nbsp;when Jordan brands were constantly decorating their sneakers with wave points, NIKE kicked off a spot with a high shoe Dunk High. This pair of shoes is war black as the base, with the power of color laces, yellow spots, black patent leather hook scale and power color tongue tag. In short, the shoe color fresh, unique design, and the common people with different Dunk shoes. The shoes will be on sale in December 2009 and will be on sale at HOH and Footlocker, a specialty store. 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[page] subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, Nike Air Max 90 iDNike SB Harajuku new headquarters Warehouse mystery list comments on a new Air Max 90 iD Nike Harajuku next: Nike SB Warehouse headq cheap jordan shoes for men uarters of the mysterious New Balance this season will be brought to the United States 996 production workshop, launched a new M996GK new color design. The new gray as the main theme, the vamp on suede and mesh splicing, the designers in shades of grey in the body of the shoe to be decorated, and with red shoelaces and shoes in the wine competition at present, which is M996GK this pair of classic create unique image. This 996 is not a RevLite version, but the ENCAP system is still providing a comfortable shock experience. PUMA 2014 fall winter Trinomic XT1 Plus new color design details full Starcow x New Balance 2014 fall joint 1500 series comments on last article: PUMA 2014, fall winter, Trinomic, XT1, Plus, new color design next article: full details, Starcow, x, New, Balance, 2014, fall, joint 1500 seriesAfter the last year for the first time to work successfully, the day before Nike's slide extension Nike SB together again in Portland outdoor brand Poler, 2014 autumn / winter launch joint planning. This series includes the Nike SB Dunk High, Nike SB Trainerendor, Nike Blazer and Nike SB Lunar Gato four models, in the design for both the orange and brown tone, feeling very outdoor. It is reported that the series will be on November 22nd at Nike's official website on the shelves. 20141119012229_12932.jpg (152.62 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB x Poler 2014 new joint 2014-11-19 08:57 upload 20141119012229_36715.jpg (100.63 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB x Poler 2014 new joint 2014-11-19 08:57 upload 20141119012229_68547.jpg (106.5 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB x Poler 2014 new joint 2014-11-19 08:57 upload 20141119012231_70699.jpg (137.51 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB x Poler 2014 new joint 2014-11-19 08:57 upload 20141119012233_43843.jpg (89.84 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB x Poler 2014 new joint 2014-11-19 08:57 upload 20141119012235_35982.jpg (82.36 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB x Poler 2014 new joint Beijing September 2nd news (reporter Wang Yu, Yao Junfang) the RMB against the euro since the middle of the two quarter of this year the overall price appreciation staged market, and for the first time in September 2nd 1 more than 10 breakthrough in this important juncture. China foreign exchange trading center data show that in September 2, 2008 the interbank foreign exchange market dollar trading price of the RMB exchange rate: 1 U.S. dollar against 6.8359 yuan, 1 euro for 9.9667 yuan, 100 yen for 6.2986 yuan, HK $1 for 0.87577 yuan, 12.2561 yuan for 1 pounds. Since the exchange rate of the RMB against the US dollar has been greatly appreciated since the exchange of and the RMB exchange rate reform, the RMB exchange rate trend towards the euro has shown a moderate trend of two-way fluctuation. It has been hovering around 1 euros for RMB 10 yuan. Only from the second half of last year to the two quarter of this year there has been a wave of devaluation, 1 euros against the yuan was close to 11.20 yuan mark. Since the exchange reform, to the end of 6 this year, the RMB against the euro exchange rate has depreciated by 7.54%. from the two quarter, the RMB appreciation of the euro exchange rate accelerated, six months from 11 mark to 10 mark. So far, the cumulative exchange rate of RMB against the euro has appreciated by 1% since the reform. bank traders believe that the recent economic data showed signs of recession in the euro area, led to a rebound in the dollar, and led to a weaker euro, led the appreciation of the RMB against the euro market. Analysts pointed out that, as the United States continued to decline in import demand, as well as the diversification of China's foreign trade, the European Union countries are increasingly becoming China's important trading partners. In this context, although the exchange rate of RMB against the euro is still moderate, but import and export enterprises must pay attention to the future exchange rate movements. (Editor: admin)